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My name is Ruby Koa and I’ve been teaching yoga in Bellingham since 2009.  I’ve been on quite a journey since then, having taught in a few different locations and finally am blessed to have my own space.  Though Kokoro Yoga itself is a one teacher operation, and quite a small one at that, a variety of class styles are offered including various forms of Vinyasa Flow, Gentle Flow, and Kundalini Yoga.  As the Japanese word, "kokoro" (it means heart/mind, center/essence) suggests, my intention always is to teach from my heart, with the emphasis of accommodating you wherever you're at. I also aim to cultivate a sense of community and camaraderie in each class, meaning you can look forward to tea (and sometimes snacks) being served after most classes. I also offer regular Women’s Full Moon circles and events to celebrate the solstices and equinoxes such as Kundalini Yoga and Double Gong Relaxations. So whether you're looking to improve your fitness and flexibility, deepen your awareness of breath, body, and spirit, or just a chance to relax and stretch out, at least one of these classes or events has something to offer you!

Be aware that even though I do business as Kokoro Yoga, my classes are located at the space that my husband Zeck and I manage, "Inspire Studio."  It’s a community of independent teachers, all bringing inspiration to their students and to our town at large.  Because I rent space to the other teachers vs. hire them, each of the teachers have their own pricing and operate as their own business owner, thus we’re unable to offer class passes or memberships that apply to everyone’s classes. 

Please feel free to contact me at kokoroyoga@gmail.com or at 360-447-8778.


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I’m sadly passing on my Tuesday 7:15-8:45 pm candle-lit restorative class to another teacher. I realized that time slot will just be too challenging for me to teach as a new mom, so my last class was March 29th. Ross Hansen will continue it as a Yin Yoga class in April. See details on the Inspire Studio website.



I’m happy to announce that I’m due on May 5th with my first baby, who is a boy!! It’s been an honor to experience pregnancy and soon motherhood while living my dream of teaching yoga and running a studio.  Currently, I’m planning to teach up until the end of April and have subs lined up for all of May and June.  It’s likely that I may be able to start teaching a couple classes sooner or may have to wait and start teaching some of them later, depending on how everything goes with the little one.  As much as I like to plan everything out, I realize motherhood includes many surprises and want to be open to adjusting my plans as needed.

I know some people are happy to experience the different perspective that subs offer, while others tend to just skip class when there’s a sub.  I understand both sides, and for that reason am posting the names of who is subbing when on the online Google calendar that’s on the Inspire Studio website.  My hope is that you’ll continue to go to class while I’m on maternity leave and have your practice benefit from different teaching approaches. 

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Women's Kundalini Yoga Full Moon Meditation Circle with Ruby Koa and special guests

Taught by: Ruby Koa
When: Saturday April 23rd, 6:30-8:00 pm

Price: Ruby’s Reg. class rates apply.  ($7 for new students, $12 drop in, or you can use your current class package)

Description: Let your intentions be magnified with other women as we open our bodies with yoga & movement to prepare for deep meditation.  This event serves as a great opportunity to gather together with other like-minded women to celebrate and tap into our powerful feminine energy and to deepen our understanding and relationship to the cycles of the moon. This month’s special guest will again include Sudevi Sundari who will lead a beautiful mantra meditation with her harmonium and beautiful voice!

Lots of snacks and tea are available afterwards so plan to stay for a bit!                    


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Inspire Studio is on the 2nd Floor of the grey building that's behind the downtown post office and across the street from the Bellingham Bar and Grill.

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