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I love the quote by Martin Buber: "All journeys have secret destinations of which the traveler is unaware," that really sums up my recent business move. Though I've been so blessed with the ability to teach yoga full time, deep down I had a hunch that this path would take a positive turn somewhere along the line. It just happened a little sooner than I had expected! I just signed a lease and am moving to a space that I'll finally be able to make my own. It's stunning, nestled within what I feel to be the most happening block on Cornwall Ave.! The sense of spaciousness and elegance I felt the first time I entered it gave me the idea of calling it "Inspire Studio." I'm so excited for this opportunity to build a community of independent teachers, all bringing inspiration to their students and to our town at large. Although I'm still doing business as Kokoro Yoga and all the other teachers will still have their own business names, we'll be doing it together all at one space.

Though Kokoro Yoga itself is a one teacher operation, and quite a small one at that, a variety of class styles are offered including various forms of Vinyasa Flow, Gentle Flow, and Kundalini Yoga.  As the Japanese word, "kokoro" (it means heart/mind, center/essence) suggests, my intention always is to teach from my heart, with the emphasis of accommodating you wherever you're at. I also aim to cultivate a sense of community and camaraderie in each class, meaning you can look forward to tea (and sometimes snacks) being served after most classes. So whether you're looking to improve your fitness and flexibility, deepen your awareness of breath, body, and spirit, or just a chance to relax and stretch out, at least one of these classes has something to offer you!

Namaste and Sat Nam,
Please feel free to contact me at kokoroyoga@gmail.com or at 360-447-8778.


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Kundalini Yoga Women's Full Moon Meditation Circle!!

Taught by: Ruby Koa
When: Friday April 3rd, 7:30-9:00 pm

Description: Come and celebrate & learn about this month’s full moon.  According to yoga, meditating in conjunction with the cycles of the Moon can be very powerful. Let your intentions be magnified with other women as we open our bodies with yoga & movement to prepare for deep meditation.  We’ll be joined by local Ayurvedic Health practitioner, Juliet Jivanti for a special 10 minute meditative wellness practice for women.

Doors open at 7:10 and tea & snacks will be available before and after to allow for additional sharing with other women.  

We'll continue to offer these circles monthly, though the format and focus as well as the date and time will change slightly each month (note that due to the studio schedule, the circle won’t always be right on the full moon), so see the website for details each month.

Price: Ruby's Regular class prices apply

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Divine Feminine Workshop for Women with Ruby Koa

Taught by: Ruby Koa
When: Sunday May 3rd, 2:00-5:00 pm

Cost: $30 in advance, $35 at the door

Description: Drawing upon the energy of the Full Moon and the upcoming Mother’s Day, join us in nurturing the Divine Feminine and in exploring the loving energy of the Divine Mother within each of us.  This workshop will be perfect as a gift to yourself or a mother in your life as it will be like a mini-retreat, allowing women of all walks of life to get away from the usual demands of life and connect as a circle of strong women.  Last year we had this workshop on Mother’s Day and it was so special to see how everyone left feeling more lighthearted and connected to the Divine Mother.

Yoga, Breath, Movement, Mudras, Chanting, Meditation, & journaling will be offered as a way to tap into our feelings, intuition, and innate wisdom for healing and guidance!  Ruby will mainly be teaching in the style of Kundalini Yoga, but will draw from other yoga and movement styles as well.  With sound healing through singing bowls and the gong, as well as valuable information about the moon being offered, this workshop will give you an experience you’ll be able to draw from for months to come.  Chocolate truffles and other treats will be passed around for a mindful eating meditation and every woman will receive a small gift they can take home.  Please bring a scarf, an item for the alter that you’d like to gain or clear energy, a journal, and something to write with.


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Inspire Studio

Inspire Studio is on the 2nd Floor of the grey building that's behind the downtown post office and across the street from the Bellingham Bar and Grill.

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